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When we designed Noir, we mixed the feminine and decadent vibes of Paris with the cool attitudes of New York. We love the genuine craftsmanship in our jewelry with hand-hammered surfaces, and we find perfection in our knobby, giant, genuine freshwater pearls. This collection is for those who want a bit more. Of everything. Honey, be awesome today.


Blush is a concept to fall in love with – it’s bubbly, fun, and vintage glitzy. This collection was created with a lot of butterflies in the stomach! Here, you’ll find the most fun jewelry for a summer beach party, the most sparkling pieces for the wedding, or just utterly wonderful items for an ordinary night out in town. Darling, live colorfully!


We love our pearls, and they have a natural place in the PearlsForGirls collection. In this collection, you’ll find jewelry that suits from “stylish at the office” to “sparkle a little extra” at a lovely dinner! We’ve also added some color to some pieces so you can put together your outfits even better. Warmly welcome into our sparkling world!

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